Developing Tools and Partnerships to Protect Public Health and the Environment

The rapid development of natural resources over the past two hundred years in North America and Europe has created acute challenges to protect public health and environment.  Air, water, soil, and biological systems are continuously being affected by increased human settlement, agricultural and other land use activities, and resource extraction.  The development of tools and expertise to balance the anthropogenic load to the infrastructure of these natural systems is a complex task, both in expanding scientific understanding and increasing education and awareness of our impact.

Waterscape seeks to fill the gap between limits of the resource infrastructure and by improving understanding of these systems and by educating the public and other stakeholders about it.  The task is complex and requires keen cooperation among government, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, and the public at large.  By increasing our awareness and developing new tools to improve our management capabilities, resources can be managed more effectively in the long-term.


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Randolph B. Flay

Chief Executive Officer