Developing Tools and Partnerships to Protect Public Health and the Environment

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Download this file (AralSea.pdf)AralSea.pdfPresentation: The Future of Arid Land Agriculture: The Aral Sea Basin of Central Asia and the San Joaquin-Tulare Basin of CAAral Sea Presentation930 kB830
Download this file (DrinkingWater.pdf)DrinkingWater.pdfProtecting public health and meeting agricultural, industrial, and environmental water demandsPublic Drinking Water Supplies977 kB771
Download this file (EnvironmentalEducation.pdf)EnvironmentalEducation.pdfCase Study in Environmental EducationImplementing GLOBE in the U.S.284 kB780
Download this file (ManagingGroundwater.pdf)ManagingGroundwater.pdfThe Challenge of Allocating and Protecting Groundwater in the San Joaquin ValleyManaging Groundwater in California1526 kB796
Download this file (PublicHealthIS.pdf)PublicHealthIS.pdfThe Design of Geographic Information Systems for the Storage and Analysis of Public Health and Environmental DataDesign of Decision Making Systems296 kB794
Download this file (PublicTrustDoctrine.pdf)PublicTrustDoctrine.pdfThe Public Trust Doctrine: A Tool for Protecting In-Stream Flows Public Trust Doctrine380 kB748
Download this file (usenvironment.pdf)usenvironment.pdfSummary of the United States Environment (water, air, land, biological resources) and Use of Natural Resources in the U.S. (consumption, production, pollution)U.S. Environment592 kB832
Download this file (WaterinCalifornia.pdf)WaterinCalifornia.pdfWater in California: Self-induced ScarcityWater in California1522 kB721