Welcome to the newly opened Soils of Mendocino County Web Site!  Inceptisols, Ultisols, Spodosols, and other soil orders can be found within close proximity of the town of Mendocino (See pictures and descriptions of soil orders).  These soils each support unique ecosystems ranging from grasslands along the coast to mixed conifer and pygmy forests further inland.  These soils and the plant and animal communities that live on them have coevolved in response to the unique geomorphological activity of marine terraces in the region. The continental shelf in the region has experienced uplift for at least a couple million years (See picture at left).  This in combination with fluctuating ocean levels during glacial cycles has etched out a series of steps or terraces that due to uplift extend several miles inland.  So, we invite you to take a look at what this site has to offer, including: