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Water covers approximately 2/3 of the surface of the planet, yet only about 1% of the that water is available for human consumption. We use water for nearly everything we do, in agriculture, industry, and most importantly for our own direct consumption. These facts considered, it is important that water quality be maintained and that our sources of water be protected.


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Where does drinking water come from in Vilnius?

In Vilnius, nearly all the 580,000 citizens rely on deep groundwater reserves for its supply of drinking water. This water is extracted by waterworks at 20 well fields around the city. (See Map) The waterworks provide some treatments to the water to help make it fit for consumption.

"Vilnius Drinking Water Resources" contains information about various ways in which public and private water supplies obtain water in Vilnius and information about its quality. Charts showing the location of Vilnius well fields, facts sheets, pictures of aquifers and much more can be found in this section.


Although groundwater and drinking water conditions vary throughout Lithuania, much similarities do exist. Further, information sharing among water quality programs and projects, such as this, can be of benefit to other municipalities in Lithuania. In addition to providing information to an audience outside Vilnius, we welcome information about your projects and activities so that the benefits of creative projects can be shared throughout Lithuania.
What is drinking water like throughout Lithuania?

"Lithuania Drinking Water Resources" contains information about general water quality conditions throughout Lithuania. Fact sheets, health effects of contaminants, and information on water quality monitoring efforts can also be found in this section.

What news and events are taking place with respect to drinking water?

Bringing people together to discuss water quality issues, share information, is a critical step in developing solutions. "News & Events" is the place to find out about conferences, meetings, and the latest news on the drinking water quality situation. We also welcome you to submit your conference for posting if it is related to drinking water issues.

What regulations and standards apply to drinking water?

Over the past few years a great amount of restructuring and adjustment has taken place at the national and local levels with respect to the management and regulation of drinking water. It is important that citizens and businesses understand the laws and regulations that govern the protection of drinking water as well as the standards for drinking water quality.

"Regulations & Standardscontains information regarding national drinking water quality standards, regulations governing drinking water quality, and information on the health effects of contaminants in drinking water.

How can I get involved in drinking water protection as a citizen or business?

Drinking water management is an important issue that reaches all parts of the community. It is a large undertaking that benefits from the involvement of average citizens, civic groups, and businesses.

"How to Get Involved" has information on ways in which businesses and average citizens can help protect drinking water, from tips on what you can do around the house to suggestions on how small businesses can more effectively manage their hazardous materials. It further contains educational resources for educators to utilize in the classroom.

How can I educate myself and others?

Understanding drinking water is an important step in protecting and improving it. As citizens of Vilnius and Lithuania, we have a responsibility to be interested in how our government is managing drinking water.

"Reports & Fact Sheetscontains numerous reports and fact sheets on the groundwater and drinking water situation throughout Lithuania. We further encourage you to submit your projects or scholarly papers to our web site for posting to help increase the wealth of knowledge about Lithuanian drinking water.

What is Wellhead Protection?

Groundwater and drinking water management is a complex undertaking distributed over several state and local government agencies. Check out "Wellhead Protection" for more information about a comprehensive, preventative framework for protecting drinking water.

"Wellhead Protection" explains what the framework means for a city such as Vilnius, how it can serve to protect drinking water, and how everyone has a role to play.

Whom can I contact to find out more?

"Contact Informationshows you what government and other agencies are involved in drinking water protection and how you can contact them.

What additional sources of information exist on the Internet?


Many other groups and government agencies in Lithuania and abroad are interested in protecting drinking water. "Linksprovides access to the web sites so that you can find out more about what these groups are doing.

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