Lithuania's Drinking Water

Drinking water quality is of important concern to everyone in Vilnius and around the world. Average persons consume 2-3 liters of water per day, most of which often comes from your faucet.

Threats to Drinking Water QualityThere are many different chemical and microbiological contaminants that may be found in water all the time. Not all of which are harmful, and many of which are only harmful in threshold quantities. Aside from being astronomically expensive, it would also be technologically very difficult to remove all contaminants from the water. Therefore most countries and municipalities set standards for contaminants one would typically expect to find. In some cases, it is easier to require a certain process of water companies in treating water when it is very difficult to measure the contaminant.

Chemical and microbiological contaminants may also stem from both natural and anthropogenic sources. Two well-known problems in Vilnius are the high levels of iron and manganese in the water supply, both of which are largely the result of natural geology of the rocks from which the water is extracted. However, given the close proximity of these waterworks to industrial and other potentially harmful land-use practices in Vilnius, there is a need to properly understand and manage anthropogenic sources of contamination.

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