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The water that comes out of the tap in about 95% of the homes and businesses in Vilnius is extracted from underground aquifers that underlay the city. This water is extracted by wells at some 19 well fields or waterworks throughout the city (See Picture). At each of these waterworks there are between 4 and 27 separate wells. Currently, there are 268 active wells which on average yielded 152,000 cubic meters of drinking water per day to consumers in Vilnius. These wells penetrate anywhere from about 40 to 200 meters into the ground and tap into a variety of geologic formations. These geologic formations are porous and contain spaces. Within these spaces is where the water lies.

To extract the water, a hole is drilled into the rock and a steel or plastic casing is placed inside the hole. Then a pump is placed inside the casing to push the water up to the ground surface. Since after pumping the water level in the well will be lower than that in the surrounding substrate, the water will flow to the well to replenish it (
See Picture).

This water will then often be treated at each of the waterworks to increase its suitability for consumption by people. Common processes often involve the addition of chlorine which disinfects the water from most bacteriological live forms that would prove dangerous for humans.

After treatment the water is pumped through an extensive network of distribution systems that lie underneath Vilnius. These distribution systems pump the water into your apartment or business where it comes out of the faucet, shower, or toilet.

Source: Vilniaus Miesto Vandenvieciu Eksploatacijos Ir Vandens Tiekimo Sistemos Optimizacija, Vilnius, 1998.

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